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    Duofluctus musical instrument

    The overtonal musical instrument "Duofluctus" is based on the innovative principle of sound generation. Two strings oscillate under the action of an alternating magnetic field, which is formed as a result of rotation of the flywheel with neodymium magnets. The flywheel is located directly under the strings and has a non-contact effect on both strings at the same time. The speed of rotation of the flywheel is regulated by a voltage regulator.

    During the playing you can also adjust the strings, which affects the change of the spectrum of overtones. It's possibly to use other techniques of sound generation (plucked, with bow or slider etc.).

    "Duofluctus" is created in 2019 by Sergey Filatov

    Manufacturing process

    DuoFluctus manufacturing process

    Playing and sounding

    Playing and sounding on DuoFluctus

    live performance using duofluctus

    «Clouds of overtones», Garage museum, Moscow

    Spatial electroacoustic collaboration at Leine Art Gallery

    Alan Affichard and Sergey Filatov

    Spatial electroacoustic collaboration at the opening of Sergey Filatov's solo exhibition SonoContour.

    Leine Art Gallery
    Hannover, Germany, 2019

    Video from Prepared Surroundings festival. Garage museum for contemporary art. Moscow, 2020

    Solo performans at Stanislavsky Electrotheatre

    Spatial sound performance
    Sergey Filatov – DIY music instruments, electronics

    Stanislavsky Electrotheatre
    Moscow, 2019

    Sound performance at 58th Venece Biennale

    Sound performance in the framework of the main
    programs of the 58th Venice Biennale.

    Tarek Atoui (France), Sergey Filatov (Russia),
    Alan Affichard (France), Shane Aspegren (USA/China),
    Vivian Wang (Singapore), Igor Porte (France)

    Arsenale Central pavilion, Venice
    11 May 2019

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